Who we are

28 Pastai was born in what was then “Molino e Pastificio Emidio Di Nola” (Emidio Di Nola Mill and Pasta Factory) in the early 1900s, in the same building overlooking the Valle dei Mulini where Emidio, son of artisan pasta makers, started his own business in 1890 and where in 1934 he bought the factory, that at that time was called Pastificio Parlato.

Discover the story

In the Valle dei Mulini in Gragnano, there was an exact moment when two worlds reached a balance, 28 mills and 28 pasta factories, where the experience of the former became the strength of the latter. That precise moment inspired our name: 28 Pastai. And it is through their faces, their names, their stories, that we tell our pasta.

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We can tell about the origin of the wheat, the slow low-temperature drying of our pasta, but we prefer it to demonstrate it.

Each package of our pasta has its own story, a history certified in blockchain, which allows you to visualize the journey of pasta from the wheat field to the table. It's easy to read: just scan with your smartphone the QR code placed under each pack of pasta to find out where the wheat comes from, for how many hours and at what temperature 28 Pastai pasta was dried.

Certifications and PGIs

Our pasta is PGI certified, a European certificate given to products that are closely linked to their territory of origin. Pasta di Gragnano PGI is the only one in the world in its field to have obtained this certification. But striving for perfection goes beyond the product specification, it is a goal we pursue every day, in the place where the ancient recipe is enriched with innovation.

N’ata pasta,
N’ata storia

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