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28 Pastai Certifications

Zero Pesticides e Glyphosate

Absence of pesticides understood absence as “technical zero” i.e. below the analytical quantification limit (0.01 mg/Kg), as per the farm specification and only for the list of active ingredients listed in the specification.

Gragnano PGI Pasta

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) “Pasta di Gragnano” is reserved for pasta products that meet the conditions and requirements set forth in this production specification. “Pasta di Gragnano” is the product obtained by mixing durum wheat semolina with water from the local aquifer.

Blockchain certified supply chain

28 Pastai is the first Gragnano PGI pasta whose supply chain is tracked with a digital blockchain certification. On each pasta package there is a QR code that allows people to know the origin of the wheat and to verify the temperatures and drying times of the pasta.

BRC Food Safety

BRC is a leading global certification standard. The standard establishes requirements for food safety management at all stages of production and distribution, including handling practices at each stage, equipment design, cleaning procedures, traceability and more.


Product available for exportations to the US


This procedure establishes the requirements of the product suitable for foreign markets with application for halal certification.The production plant has been designed and built to pursue the goal of making dry pasta productions falling under the ethical-religious Halal category. Such production involves the total absence of Haram (forbidden) products.