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The first Dicocco spelt pasta from 28 Pastai is here!

Linguine 28 Pastai has been awarded by Gambero Rosso as TOP ITALIAN FOOD 2023.

The first PGI Gragnano Pasta certified with Zero pesticides and glyphosate

28 pasta makers



Today almost no one remembers Tonino anymore: or Mast 'e Farina, as he was called in the village, in a time so distant ...



L'arteteca 'e via Roma, as the neighborhood pasta makers called him. Gigino as a child was a scugnizzo and enjoyed stealing ...



Gerardo went to the store early. He wanted to be a pasta maker more than anything else, but he was a denial. He got the wheat ...

Box di prodotti pasta corta lunga e corta 28 pastai

28 Pastai is a small artisanal pasta factory located overlooking Gragnano's Valle dei Mulini.

Overlooking the “Mills Valley” in Gragnano, there is a small artisanal pasta factory, a “pastificio”. In the place where the Forma spring in the early 1800s fed 28 mills and their 28 Pasta Factories.
A synergy of elements that inspired our name: 28 Pastai, whose faces, names and stories will tell you the story of this ”pastificio”.

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Tasting news

20 June 2023

Our Certifications

28 Pastai Certifications Zero Pesticides e Glyphosate Absence of pesticides understood absence as "technical zero" i.e. below the analytical quantification limit (0.01 mg/Kg), as per…