30 Minutes

Cooking Time
30 minutes



The recipe of the chef

Giulio Coppola


280 g Spaghetti 28 Pastai
500 gr of San Pasquale Courgettes (Campania variety)
1 handful of fresh courgette flowers
1 litre Sunflower oil
1 Garlic clove
1 sprig of mint
Plenty of Basil
80 g Provolone del Monaco
80 gr of Pecorino cheese
80 gr of Grana Padano
Extra virgin olive oil


Cut the courgettes into rounds about 2-3 millimetres thick, and dip in hot oil preheated to a temperature of 165-170 degrees. Brown well, drain and pat off the excess oil, so that the courgettes are dry and not greasy. Once cooled, place the courgettes in the fridge (this stage will help you to recover some moisture from the courgette itself).

Drop the Spaghetti 28 Pastai into boiling, previously salted water. In the meantime, sauté a little olive oil and a clove of garlic in a frying pan, add the courgettes and moisten with a ladleful of the pasta cooking water over a very high flame so that the courgettes flake and become creamy.

Drain the Spaghetti 28 Pastai and ‘mantecate’ with the prepared courgette sauce. Away from heat, add the Pecorino and Grana Padano cheese, the carefully rinsed and de-pistilised courgette flowers, plenty of basil, a little mint and a grinding of pepper.

Arrange the Spaghetti 28 Pastai on a flat plate and top with the provolone del monaco cheese shavings and basil leaves.