Tubettoni Rigati di Gragnano Pgi


Format 500 g

I Tubettoni Rigati sono un formato di pasta corta di Gragnano IGP, trafilata al bronzo, prodotto da 28 Pastai nel suo storico pastificio di Gragnano, con ricetta artigianale utilizzando esclusivamente grano 100% italiano proveniente dalle colline Frentane.

Cooking minutes 8

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Tubettoni Rigati di Gragnano Pgi, thanks to their tubular shape, collect all the seasoning inside. Recommended in combination with legumes, in soups. Also excellent in preparations with clams and mussels.

Pastified according to the artisanal tradition of Pasta di Gragnano IGP, bronze-drawn to allow them to better hold the sauces and dried slowly at low temperatures to keep all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities intact.

Being an artisanal product, we recommend tasting them several times during cooking, because pasta is like life, you don’t need directions and timing, it should be savored to understand when it is how you want it.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES Unit of measurement Value GDA 85 gr
Average x 100gr
Energy value Kcal. / Kj x 100 gr 1494Kcal / 352Kcal 15%
Fat % of weight 1,1 gr 1%
of which saturated 0,2 gr 1%
Carbohydrates % of weight 70gr 23%
of which sugars % of weight 2,6 gr 3%
Fiber % of weight 3,1 gr 3%
Protein % of weight 14 gr 24%
Salt % of weight < 0,02 gr 0%