4 hours

Cooking Time
4 hours



The Recipe of the chef

Giulio Coppola


200 g Paccheri 28 Pastai
1 Pork rind
2 Thin slices of Beef Rind (approx. weight 80/90 gr)
150 gr Pork Ribs
150 gr Beef Shank
100 gr. Beef Nervetti
1,500 gr San Marzano Tomatoes
250 ml. of Gragnano red sparkling wine
1 medium onion
Extra virgin olive oil
50 gr. Grated Pecorino cheese
Salt, pepper
200 ml sunflower oil
For the meatballs
50 gr. Of Minced Beef
100 gr. Of Stale Bread
3 Eggs
10 gr. Pine nuts
Salt, Pepper
50 gr. Grated Grana Padano cheese


To prepare Paccheri with ragù napoletano, as a first step, boil the pork rind in boiling water for about 30 minutes, drain it and cut it while still hot into very small pieces of about one millimetre. You dry it in an oven at a temperature of 60 degrees for about three to four hours.

For the lengthy Ragù procedure, as a first step prepare the Braciole, or roulades of Beef Biancostato stuffed with parsley, garlic slices, salt, pepper and grated Pecorino cheese. Wrap the chops tightly and secure with string to prevent them from opening during prolonged cooking.

Finely chop the onion, in a very large, high-sided pan, fry the extra-virgin olive oil with the chops, beef shank and ribs This phase is very important so as to seal the meat well.

Scald the chops in a second saucepan so that they are well degreased and the excess fat is removed, so that the Ragù does not become too rich in seasoning. Brown both Beef and Pork thoroughly. Now combine them in one pot and continue cooking by adding the chopped onion, letting it brown and (mind you) not burn. Add the Gragnano red wine and let the alcohol evaporate.

In the meantime pass the San Marzano tomatoes through the vegetable mill to obtain a smooth puree without seeds. When the various pieces of meat and onion are well browned, add all the tomato puree and a little salt. Continue cooking the Ragù slowly for about 5/6 hours. Once it reaches boiling point, bring to a very low flame, also to ensure a long cooking time for the various cuts of meat and make them very tender.

Proceed with the preparation of the meatballs by soaking the stale bread. Then squeeze it out well and start mixing it with the meat, eggs, salt, pepper and pine nuts. After about 5/6 hours of cooking, you will find yourself with crispy cubes of dried pork rind, but above all, a properly cooked Ragù. In fact, it will be dark in colour but shiny and fragrant at the same time.

Now it’s time to drop the Paccheri 28 Pastai into previously salted boiling water (the water must be plenty to allow for good cooking).

Meanwhile, fry the small meatballs until golden brown. Next fry the pork rind cubes, which in contact with the boiling oil will become puffed and very light.

Separate the meat parts from the reduced sauce, drain the pasta and stir in the sauce, so that the Paccheri 28 Pastai absorb the tomato sauce well.

Arrange the Paccheri 28 Pastai on a large flat plate, add the different types of meat and the meatballs and finish with the puffed pork rind chips and a handful of grated cheese.