30 minutes

Cooking time
20 minutes



The recipe of the chef

Giulio Coppola


280 g Penne Rigate 28 Pastai
2 Sorrento tomatoes
150 gr Fior di latte
1 Eggplant
1 Garlic clove
1 Lemon
Salt and pepper
For the basil sauce
300 g fresh basil
150 g grated Grana Padano cheese
50 g Pecorino cheese
30 g untreated shelled walnuts
50 ml extra virgin olive oil


To make Penne Rigate with basil sauce, eggplants, fiordilatte, and Sorrento tomato, in a saucepan filled with boiling, previously salted water, blanch the basil for about ten seconds, drain quickly and cool with water and ice. This will serve to stop the basil’s green colour from cooking and oxidising.

With the help of a blender, emulsify the well-wrung basil, shelled walnuts, Grana Padano and Pecorino cheese, adding the extra virgin olive oil and, if necessary, a few tablespoons of cooking water if it is too thick. Once a fluid and smooth sauce has been obtained, it should be passed through a sieve to avoid any residue. Cover with cling film and leave at room temperature.

With the help of a serrated knife, cut the tomato very thin and place on absorbent paper to remove excess water.

Cut the eggplant into cubes of about two centimetres per side, season with salt for a few minutes to remove excess water, squeeze well and season with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and thyme. Heat a grill and sear the aubergine cubes on all sides.

Drop the Penne Rigate 28 Pastai into previously salted boiling water, cut the Fior di latte into small chunks and separate from the buttermilk that will settle on the plate. Season the Fior di latte with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a grating of lemon, while the buttermilk is seasoned with a few drops of lemon. In a few moments, you will obtain a kind of curd to use as a condiment.

Drain the Penne Rigate 28 Pastai and season just a little with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. In a deep dish, place the basil sauce, add a few drops of curdled buttermilk, place the Penne Lisce 28 Pastai along the entire diameter of the dish or as you see fit. Add the Fior di latte chunks, the grilled eggplants and the Sorrento tomato carpaccio freshly seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil. Complete with a few small basil leaves.