1 hour

Cooking Time
40 minutes



The Recipe of the Chef

Eduardo Estatico


100 gr of Fettucce

150 gr deep-sea amberjack meat

N:1 clove of pink garlic

60 ml evo oil

20 ml white wine

2 gr sea plankton

N:1 fresh chili pepper

N:1 bundle of broccoli olive leaf variety failing that leaf broccoli

4 gr Dijon mustard

q.b. Fine salt

For the beurre blanc sauce

30 gr cream centrifuge butter

15 ml white wine vinegar

10 gr lemon juice

Half a shallot

q.b fine salt

q.b black pepper


To prepare the Fettucce with deep-sea amberjack, sea plankton, olive leaf broccoli and beurre blanc, scale, fillet, and remove the skin from the fish. Cut into regular cubes one part will be used for the stir-fry. With the remaining part we will prepare a thin carpaccio that will be seasoned with oil, salt and freshly ground pepper. Clean the broccoli, wash it thoroughly, blanch it in salted water for two minutes and cool it quickly in water and ice. Keep aside the most tender florets will be used for sautéing with the remaining part instead make a smooth and homogeneous cream with the help of a bimby, flavor it with some garlic chili oil. In a small saucepan, on the other hand, let the lemon juice and vinegar reduce over a low flame with some chopped shallot lightly salted and peppered, strain it all and recover the liquid and whisk it with some cream butter until you get a proper emulsion, check the taste.

In a frying pan sauté a clove of garlic and a little fresh chili pepper, add the amberjack flesh let it brown slightly lift it up and keep it aside, add the broccoli florets let them season and deglaze with a dash of white wine, add a few tablespoons of cream and let it cook for a few minutes. Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water for 11 minutes, drain and stir fry for another two minutes, add a teaspoon of mustard and a two tablespoons of beurre blanc, check for salt. In the center of a plate arrange the already seasoned carpaccio prepared earlier, lay a nest of pasta mantecata with its seasoning on the side, tassel with a few spoonfuls of beurre blanc and sprinkle with sea plankton, serve hot.