1 hour

Cooking Time
1 hour



The Recipe of the Chef

Giusy Di Castiglia


320 gr Tubettone Rigato
250 gr shrimps
250 gr sea lupines
1 squid
1 spring onion
1 celery stalk
2 carrots
salt to taste
pepper to taste
evo oil


To prepare Tubettoni taratares e corallo, first, we clean the shrimps, removing the guts, and set them aside. We roughly chop: celery, carrots and onion and put them in a pan with evo oil and the carapaces, sautéing. Let’s help ourselves with a ladle to crush the carapaces. After a few minutes, we create a heat shock by adding ice and cold water, which will allow the essential oils to escape. At this point, let’s cook the whole thing for about 45 minutes and, finally, filter to obtain the bisque.

Next, we clean the squid, cutting it into cubes and in a saucepan we heat garlic with evo oil, a stalk of parsley in which we will open the lupins, and then shell them and keep them aside along with the filtered liquid.

We boil the water with salt in which we are going to cook the pasta. Meanwhile, in a heated frying pan, we add garlic and evo oil and brown the squid with the shrimp bisque. Halfway through cooking, we lower the pasta and finish cooking in the pan
stir-frying with shelled lupins. Once off the heat, we add evo oil and adjust salt and pepper if necessary.

We plate with the shelled shrimp that we will have seasoned with salt and oil crystals and the extracted coral adding a few small basil leaves.